Thursday, February 27, 2014

Is your Resume Ready to be handed out or posted?

Is your Resume Ready?
Is your resume ready to be put in front of a Recruiters eyes or on the pile of unread resumes in the Human Resources office? What does your resume portray? How does your resume represent you? How many pages is your resume? What color paper is your resume on? Is your resume up to date?

Which Company Benefits are a Must Have or it could be a possible deal breaker?

Which company benefits do you absolutely must have or you may turn down that offer and continue your job search?

Most people work just so that they will have a nice compensation package that will include benefits aka "bennies." Benefits are a part of your total compensation package. Although you may contribute towards your benefit premium still nowadays employers are still picking up a large portion of company benefits.

If you just landed your first job/just changed jobs, which company benefits are a must have in order for you to continue working here or it could be a possible deal breaker? Which benefits do you have to have?

How to sell yourself during an Interview - You are your best commodity

The best thing you own and you are in control of is.......You.  You are your best commodity.  

Are you ready to sell your best commodity...You? Is your resume ready? Are you prepared to sell yourself during an interview? What's new in today's' recruiting world? 
You resume should be kept up to date.  You should update your resume every 3 months but at the latest every 6 months.
During an interview the employer across the desk from you does not know you.  You have to sell them on your KSA's, Knowledge, Skills and Abilities.  You should use your best communication skills.  Remember you are selling yourself and why you are a good fit for this job.  Your body language says a lot about you, so make sure you have good posture. 
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Great book to read to help you set some goals and change some habits.

Now what? 90 days to a New Life Direction

by Laura Berman Fortgang

Thursday, February 13, 2014

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