Thursday, December 25, 2014

You should take all of your Vacation Days or Time Off time that your company offers

Just like a battery needs to recharge, your body needs to recharge as well.  Taking time off from your normal 9 to 5 actually refuels your body and your brain.   The unfortunate thing is when you return to work you may have a lot of work that was left in your in box, voice mail calls to return or emails to answer which may make your taking time off feel like it was in vain.  Most employers would agree that they would prefer to have a new and recharged employee (you)  rather than to have a burnt out and stressed out employee (you).

According to a February Oxford Economics survey of 971 employees, four (4) out of  ten (10) U.S. workers finished 2013 with unused paid time off – leaving a average of 3.2 days still on the table.

You should take all of your vacation days or time off days annually.  Vacation days and personal days or any time off days other than sick days should be used for something that you want to and need to do.  Preferably something fun that you enjoy to do.

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